Looking Out for Each Other Project


The Looking Out for Each Other Project started on 25th April 2022 and had its official launch in Liverpool on 10th May that year. This project, funded by the Community Fund’s Awards for All fund, sought to increase support for Informal advocacy activity within local communities. This is about enhancing relationships within communities by encouraging people to utilise their natural skills to protect their more vulnerable friends, neighbours, and relatives. An initial draft was discussed at an event in Liverpool on 8th March 2023 and suggestions from that were then fed into further work. Additional events were held in Scarborough on 3rd October and in Tipton in the West Midlands on 23rd November.


About informal advocacy and this project


We often encounter people in our daily lives who are isolated and need support in expressing themselves or in speaking out about what they want. They could be friends, relatives, neighbours or others that we meet.  For instance, they might want help in understanding a letter or a form or with making an important telephone call. We call this help ‘informal advocacy’ and any of us could find ourselves both in need of it and capable of providing it at different points in our lives. However, we can struggle with lack of knowledge about where to go for help and with confidence in our own ability to make a difference.


The Looking out for each other Project has been working on producing a handbook defining the various types of informal advocacy and possible support mechanisms that could strengthen the vital role that informal advocates play within communities. The document includes looking at conflicts of interest and how to address these.  The project also developed channels of communication between groups that are providing informal community advocacy across the country. The final version of 'Looking out for each other - defining informal advocacy' was launched at a special event in Tipton on 20th March 2024.


For further information about obtaining a copy of the document, please contact us at advocacynatcoalition@gmail.com or on 0151 734 5404  



The looking out for Each Other Project was funded by Awards for All (Community Fund)