Speaking up for others - shared learning event


       Tuesday 16th July - 2pm to 3.30pm


Many of us encounter people in our daily lives who are isolated and need support in expressing themselves or in speaking out about what they want. They could be friends, relatives, neighbours or others that we meet.  We call this help ‘informal advocacy’ and any of us could find ourselves in need of it at different points in our lives. We are also all capable to some degree in providing this support. However, we can struggle with lack of knowledge about where to go for help and with confidence in our own ability to make a difference.


This Zoom event will explore how we can provide support more effectively and some of the barriers that we might face. It will be of interest to anyone that is concerned about equality and helping to build more inclusive communities.  It will include looking at conflicts of interest and the importance of independent support. It will also include a background to the different types of support and advocacy that is available.  


              The session will be held via Zoom and will be led by Joe Monaghan of the National Coalition of Advocacy Schemes

                            To book a place, please email us at or telephone 0151 734 5404


Event organised in partnership with Liverpool Citizen Advocacy


22nd National Assembly


Wednesday 16th October 2024


Liverpool - further details nearer the date