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The National Coalition of Citizen Advocacy Schemes was founded in 2001, changing its name to National Coalition of Advocacy Schemes (NCAS) in 2009. It is facilitated by C.A. Coalition, which is a registered charitable company. The twenty first national Assembly of NCAS was held in Liverpool on 11th October 2023.


The Coalition is a network of local organisations that are involved in community based, informal advocacy activity. This  includes the matching and support of one-to one  partnerships and  encouraging and supporting naturally occurring supportive relationships that are focussed on protecting the rights and dignity of people.


The Coalition’s Executive Committee consists of regional representatives plus the Chief Officer, Joe Monaghan, all of whom are elected at the annual national Assembly. NCAS is currently funded entirely by donations, and it has no paid staff.


The Coalition’s publications the 'State of Citizen Advocacy' report (2007) and ‘Citizens and Advocacy’ (2009) define the role that informal citizen advocacy plays in the broader rights continuum. If you would like copies of either of the above or of ‘Community based Approaches to Advocacy’ (Joe Monaghan 2015), please contact us at advocacynatcoalition@gmail.com