Vision Statement and Criteria for Membership


The Coalition has two primary objectives:

  1. To ensure that advocacy is rooted in the communities which it seeks to represent and is provided by groups that are capable of ensuring this.
  2. To promote informal voluntary advocacy activity, whether this occurs through the matching and support of citizen advocacy partnerships or through naturally occurring supportive relationships.


Criteria for membership:

Membership of the Coalition is open to independent organisations that seek to match and support informal voluntary advocacy activity as either their sole purpose or as part of a range of activities.

In addition, membership is also open to groups that undertake any model of advocacy provided that they

  • are organisations that are connected to and directed by the communities in which they work


  • work to a vision of an holistic and collaborative approach to all forms of advocacy.


What is meant by independent?

By independent is meant separation from the provision of other services to advocacy partners.

¹ Informal advocacy activity includes citizen advocacy relationships. These are defined as one-to-one partnerships that are freely given and voluntary. Their aim is to promote social inclusion and the protection of the rights of a person who is in a vulnerable position. Such partnerships are defined and shaped by the partner and advocate.

² Please see the Coalition’s more detailed definition of independence.